June 13, 2004


I present my very first Excel game (built mostly by me, but with some useful VBA provided by Colo and also Juan Pablo González)

Play and enjoy! If you have any feedback, please leave a comment or email me at the link provided below. Thanks.

Download it here!

Nice one. Pretty hard though!

As for other feedback - the only thing I found was that my PC wouldn't recognise the font you used for the instructions, and the formatting went a bit whacko. I unprotected the sheet and changed the font to MS Sans Serif - seemed to fix up the problem. I suspect this is a regional difference though, which may be difficult to get around.
Thanks for both the compliments and the tip!

I was afraid of font problems (I have Excel in English but Office in Japanese). Anyway, I wasn't too sure about Sans Serif as my version is possibly different again, so I changed over to Arial. Figured that should be pretty safe.

Thanks very much once again!
Andrew, Arial font is available on English PC. I'd had same question but now I have English version OS, so I'll let you know the font list that can be used on English machine.
Much appreciated! Please let me know when you get the chance! Thanks!

If you want to remove the Analysis Toolpak reference, you could use


instead of


Juan Pablo
Juan Pablo!

This is indeed an honor! Thank you for the alternative formula. The game has been updated already!
Happy New Year.

I was perusing some of my favorite websites for Excel info trying to find out if it is possible for Excel to present a user with a calendar for them to select a specific day as a cell value. I don't think this is possible even if you use VBA.

Anyhoot... I found the posting with the Mastermind download. I opened the file and noticed that at the top I could see the word Congratulations in white font next to Mastermind. I also noticed the numbers in the top column - also in white font. It was then that I realized that the file was most likely set up with the assumption that the user would have standard display settings. I am using the Plum (high color) setting, which has a gray background for active window. I don't want to cheat, so I'll update the file to hide the solution values and the word Congratulations.

My goal is to learn VBA and develop some fun Excel games of my own in time for the Bring Your Children To Work day at my firm. They are always looking for an activity for the kids organized by the I.S. dept.
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