June 01, 2004

Color Me Whatever

A very simple tip today.

If you are not satisfied with the colors available with Fill Color, Line Color or Font Color, you can change them by navigating to the Options dialog box in the Tools Menu.

Select the Color tab, then choose any color you want to modify (Don't choose a color that you will need later on) Push the Modify button and you will see a range of 127 colors and 15 shades of grey on the Standard tab.

Pick the one you want. The color you orignally selected will now be replaced with the new color. Keep in mind that this change will be limited to your current Workbook. Any changes you make can also be undone using the Reset button, this will revert all colors throughout the Workbook.

If this many colors are still not enough, you can select the Custom tab and make your own. Good luck!

A word of warning though: be careful with this one if you use macros to perform any sort of sheet shading, as the .ColorIndex relates to these. As an example, you may have a macro that performs certain checks and colours cells that contain errors in red (.ColorIndex=3), and cells that are ok in green (.ColorIndex=4). Changing the colour palette may result in "interesting" side effects.
Thanks for the tip! Must keep this one in my memory bank!
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