May 19, 2004

Getting Set Up, Part 2

To the Header/Footer tab. (if you don't know what I'm talking about, please read my previous post)

You can make your own custom headers and footers, or you can choose from one of the preset headers and footers available in the drop down lists.

If you choose to make a custom header or footer, there are many things options available to use with your text...change the style, add page numbers, add the file path, file name or tab name, add the date or time (very useful for tracking!), or even add a picture (I think this last feature is not available in some of the earlier versions of Excel).

The Page Break Preview
Last time I talked about sizing your work to suit by using the Scaling options on the Page tab of the Page Setup dialog box. This is another way of changing the size of your work, which is by adjusting the page breaks to wherever is convenient for you.

First, select Print Review. In can be found on the right side of each tab in the Page Setup dialog box, or you can also access it by pushing the button on the Standard toolbar that looks like a magnifying glass (usually found at the top). Once in Print Preview mode, push the Page Break Review button and you should get something like this, assuming you've already selected your print area.

Page breaks have a default setting of range A1:I55. By the dragging the blue lines one the edges, you can either shrink a page...

or change the boundaries shared with other pages. Bear in mind your work will also shrink or enlarge depending how your you are resizing your sheets.

Once finished, return to the Print Review and push Normal View. The job is done.

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