May 18, 2004

Getting Set Up, Part 1

Nothing spoils the appearance of a spreadsheet more than a sloppy printing job. Here's how you should set yourself up... and not get arrested.

The Page Setup dialog box can be found in the File menu. If you use it often enough, you might well consider moving a button to a suitable toolbar by using the Customize dialog box in the Tools menu.

The Page Tab
Select your orientation, Portrait for printing vertically and Landscape for printing horizontally. Then think about the size of what you want to print. If it is not too large, you might get away with just using one sheet of paper. If this means that the text will be too small to read or what you print will only cover half the page, then it might be a good idea to use more than one page. In either case, use the Scaling features of the Page tab to select what best suits the job on hand.

The Margins Tab
Adjust the margins to suit and don't forget you can center your work by selecting the two checkboxes marked appropriately Horizontally and Vertically at the bottom of the dialog box.

The Sheet Tab
Yes, I know I skipped the Header/Footer tab, I'll cover that next time! This is more important, trust me! If you haven't already set up your print area, now is the time by the little red arrow in the Print area box. Watch it shrink, then drag over the area you actually want to print.

You'll also notice the selections 'Rows to repeat at top' and 'Columns to repeat at left'. These are very handy if you want to use the same titles for more than one sheet. For example, if you push the little red arrow on the 'Rows to repeat at top' and drag to select the row or rows your headers are in, they will automatically appear at the top of every page, 'just like what it says on the label'.

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