May 12, 2004

Getting into Shape, Part 2

Even an artistically challenged person like myself can make reasonably complex drawings with Excel. (Am I being vain?)

One toolbar I always display is the Drawing toolbar. As you can see, I've configured mine with the Group, Ungroup, Bring Forward and Send Backward buttons.

To make a complex drawing, start with component shapes, choosing from the AutoShapes selection. Edit them as you like with features like the Fill Color or Line Color buttons on the toolbar or try right-clicking or double-clicking the shape itself to bring up the Format Object(AutoShape) dialog box. (I've selected Fill Effects, Gradient to give my shapes a metallic look)

Some component shapes

The Format Object (AutoShape) dialog box

Start dragging the shapes together to put them in place while using the Bring Forward and Send Backward buttons to get them in the right perspective, then click the Select Objects button (looks like a mouse pointer on the Drawing toolbar) Sweep around the shapes while pushing your left mouse button or click them one at a time while pushing the Ctrl key.

They should appear something like this.

Now push the Group button to join them together. If you not satisfied, you can use the Ungroup button so that you can move, resize, recolor them at will.

So what is this a drawing of? Actually I have no idea, but I'd say it looks like an automotive part, so let's keep it at that.

Hey you have a nice sense of drawing. :-)
Btw, every time I tried to post, I need to sign in to the Blogger. But I realised I can post for the pressing the link named Anonymous.

Thanks Colo.

Yes, the Comments feature is a bit limited so I'm posting as Anonymous too :)

Hope someone else is reading this blog. Be nice to know whether I have any other regular readers!
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