May 10, 2004

Getting into Shape, Part 1
Here are 3 simple things you should know when using Excel's multitude of drawing features.

The Ctrl Key
Normally when you 'draw' a shape using Excel, it will expand from the top left corner. However, if you push the Ctrl key while drawing, it will expand from the center outwards. This might come in handy if your are drawing things like circles and want to place the center in a certain position with precision.

The Shift Key
Push this while drawing and it will expand with equal dimensions on either side. For example, an oval will become a circle, a rectangle will become a square. You can also use it to expand (contract) any shape to the same height:width ration by pushing Shift while dragging the corner handles on the shape's sides.

The Alt Key
The Alt key will position your shape against the sides of the nearest cell or cells, either while drawing normally or expanding using the handles on the shape's sides.

Combinations are also possible. Try using Ctrl and Shift or Shift and Alt.

A square aligned against surrounding cells that was drawn while pushing Shift and Alt.

A circle that was drawn while pushing Shift and Alt.

Have fun!

When you want to draw shapes, pushing Shift and Alt keys is very handy.
I always use this, but there are many person don't know this function.
It would be good tip for many Excel users!

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