May 27, 2004


None other than Debra Dalgleish, MVP of Contextures was kind enough to point out some confusion regarding a previous post "Now You See it, Now You Don't" on May 13.

The point of the post was to illustrate how an area of a Worksheet can be used to have formulas in the cells themselves, with a clear AutoShape above to make a message appear using Conditional Formatting.

The post was confusing because I used a date related formula in a cell beneath and another date related formula in the Conditional Formatting. Let me say that there is no connection between the two formulas. What is more important is that the clear AutoShape to display the message at the right time, and the cell formula to be hidden using regular formatting (white Font Color)and Conditional Formatting (changing to black Font Color). The text on the clear AutoShape itself is white.

When the Conditional Formatting is activated, the cell font color (and cell background) will turn black to make the white text in the clear AutoShape appear like this.

Still confused? Send me an email at the Contact Me! link on the bottom left side this site and I'll do my best to explain.

Please feel free to contact me whenever you like. I'll try to help with any Excel related inquires (or direct you to people who can) and like I mentioned, feedback is always welcome!

Thanks again Debra!

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