May 02, 2004

Customizing Toolbars, Part 1

Today I would like to look at adding and customizing buttons on toolbars.

You’ll often find yourself saving workbooks, so why not make a custom button to not only save workbooks, but save time as well?

Here goes. First click the Tools Menu and then Customize. The Customize dialog box will appear on the screen. (Make sure you have the Commands tab selected)

Then I choose File in the Categories section (left side) and scroll down to Save As in the Commands section (right side).

Drag across to your place of preference. You can see that I’ve placed the Save As button between the Open button and the regular Save button.

You might be comfortable with the button without changing anything, but further customization is possible. Let’s say I prefer an image rather than just text.

First, I right click the button itself, then I select Text Only (In Menus). The text disappears but unfortunately this particular button has no image. I right click again and then Change Button Image and choose an image I like (I like to use the pencil image for Save As)

All I have to do now is push Close on the Customize dialog box that first appeared and I’m finished.

Note: If you do not like any of the images presented in the Change Button Image selection, you can make your own images by right clicking the image and selecting Edit Button Image or you can also use the Copy Button Image and Paste Button Image to copy and paste any other button image that you might like instead. Just to make sure you’ve already opened the Customize dialog box first.

Last but not least: Here is a great download called Button Faces from John Walkenbach's The Spreadsheet Page. You'll find nearly 200 custom toolbar button faces that you can use to copy and paste as I showed you above. Don't forget to check out the other great downloads at this link.

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