April 30, 2004

Quick Navigation, Part 1

A couple of days ago I noticed that Dick Kusleika wrote about hyperlinks on his blog, Daily Dose of Excel (I read it everyday, most definitely recommended!). He gave advice about using hyperlinks and it gave me an idea for this post - quick navigation around your workbooks.

There are quite a few ways to move quickly around a workbook. One of the simplest ways is to enter a cell reference such as H176 into the name box (the little box next to the formula bar with a drop down arrow) and push Enter. Presto! You've been teleported there in a flash!

Great trick, but you have to know your destination in advance, otherwise you're going to have to scroll there anyway.

How to get around this? There is at least one way if you are going to navigate there on a regular basis and don't want to burden yourself with the horrific task of remembering multiple cell references.

Using the Insert Menu, select Name and then Define. At the top enter a name such as "AccountsTotals", then at the bottom enter the cell reference (you can use the little red arrow to get there). You can also go to the cell reference and enter the name directly into the Name Box.

Now, you are ready to get around in a jiffy. Just use the drop down arrow in the Name Box and select where you want to go. You can also use the Goto dialog box. Get there by clicking the Edit menu or try either Ctrl + G or just use the F5 button.

So where do hyperlinks come in? Well, first of all you need to open the Hyperlinks dialog box. The easiest way is to use the right click menu, or you could find it in the Insert menu. (The shortcut keys are Ctrl + K)

Select Place in This Document and enter the cell reference. You can do this manually by entering the cell reference and name of your choice, or you can select an existing name if you've defined one already.

When finished, you should see a link appear. It's blue and underlined but you can change the font color and remove the underline if you want to, it's entirely editable as far as appearance goes.

Okay, that's it for today. More on navigation next time I post.

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